Master Cleanse Finished – Part II – Tinnitus gone! – And back again.

So-close-but-yet-so-far-awayMaster Cleanse Day 6 & 7: Good mornings, less good evenings. Both days I got up, did the salt water flush(SWF), did a 30 minute meditation, then did an hours hot yoga down at the local Yoga hall. What a lovely way to start the day! Apart from the SWF. That’s the first time in ten months I have practiced yoga. I took it real easy. And I mean REAL easy. Ten month layoff, SWF, fasting – yes I did it dead calm, but then Bikram yoga is relatively calm compared to the ashtanga form I am used to. Anyways, loved it. Happy dayz. Amazing you can do during these fasts.

Afternoons on both days I got a headache the forced me to retreat to the TV. I just hunkered up, drank masses of water and MC drink and rode out the storm. That’s all it is, some nasty toxin coming out. On the seventh day evening the headache got too much. Didn’t matter how much water I drank, headache wouldn’t shift. So I did an additional SWF in the evening. It didn’t create a big full flush, but the headache subsided by the time I finished watching the last episode of The Walking Dead, series II,  and I crashed to bed. A very average TV series by the way. Breaking Bad was fifty million times better.

In other news it’s cooling down over here in Old Blighty, very autumnal. Tidied up the garden, raked away all the leaves, put the pots away, moved the garden furniture undercover, cleared the compost bins, then spread the muck around the garden, and refilled the leaf-mould bin with fresh leaves. Put the hoses away, including the nozzles and stuff because they freeze and crack in the winter. We had the first frost of the winter last week. Lagged the outside tap. Chopped stuff back, gave the lawn a last mow and re-stacked the log pile. It is very satisfying returning my world to order, making everything neat, tidy and beautiful.

Day 8: Three more days to go. Had a really funky, gory, in-your-face dream. Think I have been watching too many zombie movies. Missed my morning train because the SWF took ages to finish.

The only thing I miss about this Master Cleansing is food. I mean, eating food. I mean, eating food with other people. I mean, having time together with other people, chatting and catching up. It is ok to hang out with people eating . No problem at all. The MC drink takes away the hunger totally. But although the MC drink takes away the need to eat, what it doesn’t do is replace the social, time- together-ness aspect of eating. I do miss that. But I miss smoking, partying, taking loads of drugs, junk food and a host of other things too, so it’s just life and I’ll just get on with it. Today was fine. Nothing too difficult happened. No headache either, so must have been the fasting-hot-yoga combo.

Last three days I have had the taste of old-smelly-underpants in my mouth. It’s fairly unpleasant. Tongue is super-furry-animals upon waking. I needed a ladle to scrap the gunk away. Tinnitus unchanged.

Day 9: I figured out the problem. I am not having enough bowel movements. I have a couple after the SWF in the morning, but otherwise no more in the day. Towards the end of the day I have a headache creeping up on me. Water helps, but does not shift it. This means I have toxins coming out, but they are not coming out quick enough. I need faster bowels. So I have increased my Lax tea strength. I normally have the lax tea bag stewing for 2 minutes. I stewed for 3 minutes last night. On previous MC’s 3 minutes stewing brought on severe stomach cramps the following day. Things seemed to have changed in me, for the better, and I think I can manage stronger lax. Lets see how this day goes. It has started well. It’s 655am, I’m on the train and I feel excellent.

Oh, how cool is that. My ideal seat on the train is a window seat on the left hand side. This is because I get to see the sunrise, if there is one. I just looked up from typing this up and saw a real cracker. The sky is alive! Deep red and orange surround and swallow me up. What an awesome start to the day.

If I have no BM’s today, I will do an additional SWF .

Some time later…yes, that worked. Felt a bit pikey at 7pm when I got home from work, so I did an additional SWF and that cleared a blockage and I felt much better. I must remember that in future. Feel like $hit = do extra SWF.

Day 10: Last day. Did 4 minute lax tea last night: that got thing s moving this morning! Mild stomach cramps, manageable, but 3 minutes is better. Last day was an easy day. In the groove and no problems. Tongue remains furry as per usual. This is the 87 day I have fasted and its still coated. That mercury poisoning for ya!

Tinnitus remains, but I have more energy than before and yoga has restarted…so I am winning. When you fast the digestive system goes to sleep. This is what gives your body the energy to attend to other jobs. When I say other jobs, I mean the body goes into detox mode and uses the extra energy that’s been diverted away from digestive duties, into getting rid of toxins and crap that should not be there. Tomorrow I will stop this process and awaken my empty tum tum. That first cup of OJ is amazing. Taste buds zing and zang and I always seem to want to crew the OJ it tastes so damn good. Although the MC is challenging, when you restart eating, food tastes sensational and makes everything worthwhile. Every meal is paradise.

I have resisted weighing myself all fast. It just stresses me out and there is no need. I know the weight will all come back in any case. I will have a weight in at the end of the three day warm-back-up-to-food period. I haven’t been feeling super skinny this time round, I guess because I started from a fairly respectable (for me) weight: 11.5 stone. Also the quantity of MC drink has gone right done. In previous fasts I was on nine lemons a day. This time I’m down to five: almost half. I take that as a good signal, I think.

But, even though its easy, eating real solid wholesome food again is gonna be orgasmic!!!!

16th November 2014

Five days later: Ok, weird things happening here. I’d love your thoughts on this, so feel free to help out if you have any bright ideas. Finished the Master Cleanse. 10 days and was fine. On the 10th day I thought I detected the tinnitus fading a little, but dismissed it as a figment of my wild imagination. Then I started the three day warm up to food. That just involves drinking freshly squeezed orange juice. By the third day it’s veggie soup and on the evening of the third day salad and fruit. During those three days my tinnitus virtually disappeared. Wild eh! It just faded away, getting progressively less as the days passed. How happy was i? Very. Massive respect to me.  Job done. Or so I thought.

Then normal diet was back on, I made myself a bollotti bean, carrot and chickpea salad. Lashings of chillies and herbs and lemon juice. Tasted devine! After fasting, the reintroduction of food is a super-deluxe-mega-turbo treat. Everything tastes staggeringly awesome and amazing. Anyway, I ate a veggie soup, salad, brown rice and then next day the bean, carrot and chickpea salad, I mean nothing innocuous, and the tinnitus came back. How odd eh! And bloody fuckin’ annoying too. Thought I’d cracked it there! Damnation.

I wonder why it came back? Was it something in the food I ate? I didn’t eat anything dodgy or bad. Everything was freshly prepared by my own fair hands. Everything was good. I muscle tested the food and that showed nothing wrong with it. And I only had three meals: soup, salad, brown rice and the bean salad.

Was it my supplements? No, because I had not restarted taking them?

Was I feeling bad? No, I felt fine. I had no healing crisis before or after. Everything was cool as a cucumber.

Odd eh? The only thing I can think of was that I needed to do more fasting, because I needed to give my body more time in the no-tinnitus zone? Maybe? Seems a little lame to me, but I can’t think of anything else. I will be doing a longer fast in January anyways and that’s only 6 weeks away. So we will see what happens then.

So close and yet so far! Oh, success was so tantalisingly close!

In other news, the yoga is going nice. I’ve had ten months off-games so I am taking the reintroduction nice and easy. This weekend I did two more Bikram classes. Taking it nice and easy, but I can feel the strength coming back slowly but surely. I am addicted to that hot sweaty feeling during and after a practice. I just love it. If only I had more time.

So there we go. My forth Master Cleanse. I have now done 87 days MC fasting in the last 14 months. It has made a significant difference to my health. You know by now that my definition of good health is my ability to work out. That’s restarted, so I consider these fasts as wild successes. I will be using them frequently in the future. Chelation interspersed with a few fasts. I will of course wait until I have regained the weight I lost before doing another chelation round. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I weighed in @ 68kg at the end. That’s a weight lost of 5kg or 11 pounds.

One other thing I have been thinking about: I am mercury toxic. My hair test still shows I have deranged mineral transport. I still very much feel I am deficient in some minerals. Although the fasting has helped me feel excellent, the introduction of various supplemental minerals has helped just as much as the fasting. The Vit Bs have really epic. The tincture of Yarrow made good things happen. So…fasting cleanes me out, my healthy diet restocks my depleted deranged mineral transport body, and my supplements fill in some of the blanks. That’s how I think about anyway.

If anyone has any bright ideas about how the tinnitus can go away, then come back – I’d love to hear about it. Take care everyone;-)

That’s all folks!
Danny AKA Sunshine

2 thoughts on “Master Cleanse Finished – Part II – Tinnitus gone! – And back again.

  1. Very curious…

    Fasting increases autophagy, which helps your body clear infections. So one explanation is that the fast was long enough to clear the symptoms, but not the infection. When you refeed after the fast, autophagy pretty much stops for an extended period, and the infection built back up.

    You can use intermittent fasting to upregulate autophagy on a long-term basis, by eating protein in an 8-hour window, no/very-low-protein for 16 hours. You can do this indefinitely. See the Jaminet’s excellent bood, The Perfect Health Diet, for more info. Resveratrol, curcumin, and others also increase autophagy.

    Adding more coconut oil to your diet might help too. Or you could try the garlic/olive-oil drops… 🙂

  2. H Tim, very well put. Didn’t know that’s how it actually technically works, but that’s all i can think of: I needed to continue the fast longer for proper healing to occur. But life is full and extending the fast was impossible at this time. But I’ll do another MC in January when the diary is clear. BUT, and this is pretty cool, i now know that Tinnitus is curable, which is excellent-party-on!

    I tried olive oil in the ear. Ditto castor oil in the ear. Ditto olive oil and Tea tree oil. All to no avail. Not tried garlic yet.

    In the meantime i am gradually re-introducing my supplements after the fast, that’ll take a 10 days, then try the mineral salts, that’ll take a week.

    Cheers Tim

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