Round 77 – 5mgs ALA is too much, so I am reducing the dose to 4mgs

Dose unchanged @ 5mg’s ALA only. Chelation under the Cutler Protocol, 3 days on, 2 weeks off.

bkpMy second round after a long break. I almost always have two weeks break between rounds. That gives me ample time to recover. I prefer to chelate over weekends; it gives me more time to focus and do things properly.

This was a round of contrasts. Day one and I was turbo-tired. Slept really badly that first night and that put me out of kilter all day. Five hours sleep even on the best of days is  gonna be a struggle. I just powered through the day, got home from work at 7pm, chilled, and was in bed by 9pm.  Day two arrived and I suddenly felt the urge to jet-wash my drive! Whoa, where did that come from? Three hours that took. Hard work too. Loved it. Kids helped too, shooting stuff with the sprayer. Not sure why I did it, very unusual for me, but it’s one of those once every-eight-year jobs that needs doing from time-to-time. Love it when chelation makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do. Shows me I’m on the right track.

That afternoon we had tea with neighbours, then a dinner party with some other friends. They served me fish. Ah? What? I don’t eat fish. I don’t want the chance of any mercury contamination: I have enough already thanks! It just arrived. I had to pre-warning; it just turned up in front of me. I was gobsmacked. Didn’t they know? Don’t they understand why? Obviously not. They had no idea. And why should they know: I never told them anything. I’m just another chap they know via the kids and school.

And guess what: I ate it. I am humiliated! Doh! It’s no biggie, but I did feel like a complete sell-out-mug! Tuna I definitely would not have eaten, 100 percent no way Jose, but it was only a little bit of salmon, in a little tart, sprinkled with cheese, that they’d made themselves, in their own little home. Seemed like I would be throwing it back in their faces if I’d said no thanks. Ok, I admit it: I am a PUSSY! But, that’s life, we all have to do things we don’t particularly like from time to time. However, we need to keep things in perspective: it was, in my defence, only a little bit of salmon.

By the end of the evening I was tired and impatient. It’s tiring chelation; 11pm and everyone was still jabbering away and I was turbo-tired-&-knackered, and I needed to drive the baby-sitter home as I was ‘driving tonight’ (my excuse for not drinking!). Rushed home, delivered the baby sitter back, jumped in bed at 1125pm, without even brushing my teeth. 2 hours and 25 minutes after I took my last pill. Is that a big deal? No idea, but it’s probably not ideal. I dose 2.5 hours in the day and 3 hours at night – but only 3 hours at night because I’m chillin’ evenings  and I’m generally asleep! Being at dinner parties is not part of the chelation program. I was fine. I think. Slept ok too, but still pissing like crazy. Just once sip of water to wash the cap down and I need to piss a couple of hours later. The joys of chelation.

Day three saw more morning meditation, again, same as the previous morning. It is a fine way to start the day. Calms, centres and focuses. Played on the laptop surfing until 1030, then spent two hours brushing a couple of bag of sharp-sand into the drive way gaps; yes, two hours. Two hours hard work sweeping. Brought on a right-royal-sweat. If I start something, I have to finish it. If I don’t finish, it will be left unfinished forever!

After that I spent all day pottering about the garden doing odd jobs: mowing, strimming, even re-potted the box balls. Long overdue those box balls! T’was a lovely autumnal day and I felt excellent. That is actually my ideal day: tinkering around outside in the fresh air, making my world beautiful. A very active day too. I love chelation when it does that: getting loads of long-put-off-jobs done.

Loads of blue coming back too. I see blue everywhere. Funky colour heaven! My colourful sci-fi book looks different again. It is a super-cool-mega-bonus of my chelation.

Detox bath prior to bed when the round ended. Two cups of Epsom salts, one cup of bicarb soda and a dash of hydrogen peroxide: really makes we sweat. Followed by a quick cold shower. Always makes my redistribution days easier those baths. Very much part of my program.

Ok, so sounds like my chelation is a walk in the park right? Yes and no. Yes it seems to give me more energy, sometimes, and want to do things and I get stuff done, sometimes, but as well as having good times, I can still feel it. I very much ‘know’ I am chelating. Feels like I am raking my body. A nice long-handled rake is being run up and down my body, straightening things out, but also knocking against rocks, bashing the sides and causing a bit in internal mayhem. Especially so when the round has ended. Redistribution side-effects are manageable, I would reduce the ALA dose if they were not, but the side-effects are still annoying and make working more tricky and difficult. I could really do without. But, ce la vie.

First day after round I awoke and crawled outta bed like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. My knee joints seem to have seized up and are in need of some oil to loosen them up. Funny, cleared up after 20 minutes of clanking about.

Second day after the round, I started feeling a little pikey around lunch time. Intense heartburn hit at 11am. One litre of water helped greatly. Had that weird grippy hand thing. Nothing visibly psycho or anything, no white-coated figures chasing me to put a bag over my head, but I did need to take a stroll in my lunch hour and take some air. Bought myself a Jamaican goat curry, with rice-n-peas-n-tings, a little bit of extra-hot-sauce and that seemed to sort me out splendidly. Felt fine after that. Amazing what you can buy these days in London’s street markets: not had goat curry since Glastonbury 2000!  With chelation I feel the need for meat sometimes, especially when I feel a bit crappy.

Days three and four I did feel decidedly odd at lunchtimes. I had business lunches both days and a beer REALLY helped take the edge off. But I managed, and as far as I am aware, no one was none the wiser.

So as you can see, chelation is a bumpy road with both good and bad things going down. It’s all ‘manageable’, but I still have to ‘manage’ it. At the moment I am happy to do this. I know I have to give chelation a really good crack. I have tried many, many, super-many things and if I am get my mercury out, this is my safest method: the Cutler Protocol. I don’t know of any other safe way to get the mercury out of my brain. I am sensitive to mercury; I am after all still only a very low dosage after 77 rounds, so I do not have the opportunity to take additional risks with my chelation. I have learnt many a hard lesson myself, and seen tons of other people screw it up with incorrect or rushed chelation. Life’s pretty good, I still have all the things I love in my life (wife n kids), so I’m gonna continue down this road.

That’s all folks!
Sunshine (AKA Danny)

STOP PRESS: I have changed my mind. I felt rough around the edges for five days after the round. Office work was fine, nowhere near needing time off, but, but – but chelation needs to be easy. Chelation is a long term thing and the rounds must be manageable. Each round, to remind you, is all the time on-round, AND all the time recovering from the round. On-round I am mostly fine, but off-round five days putting up with niggly redistribution days is a bit much and annoying and not ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I have had plenty of ‘bad’ rounds and this was nowhere near a bad round. But I shouldn’t be taking five days to recover. So I’m going to practice what I preach: I am reducing the dose. 5mgs ALA down to 4mgs ALA. It bruises my ego and is mildly frustrating going down on the dose, but safe, easy chelation is more important than my ego and the minor difference between 5mgs and 4 mgs. I have emailed Dean @ and he is compounding my 4mgs ALA order as we speak. I did know and warn myself restarting chelation was bumpy. It does take time to get the body back into the groove.

5 thoughts on “Round 77 – 5mgs ALA is too much, so I am reducing the dose to 4mgs

  1. Glad to here you are back at it. It’s not easy by no means but the rewards of having brain function on rounds are great. I found that in order for me to tolerate even small doses of ALA I had to take a lot more antioxidants and it took me like 90 rounds with DMSA/ALA before the ALA became easier on it’s own. But don’t beat yourself up for needing to lower the dose. It happens. Took me years to tolerate 25mg of the stuff. Today I can take 50 mg, you’ll get there! Great to hear an update.

    • Thanks. I need to chat with you if thats all right. I’ll email ya. Need a bit of encouragement. I don’t really know anyone that’s been a low-doser and then moved up to higher dosages after loads of rounds. Good to know it’s do-able. I still feel i have a LOT of rounds to go yet.

  2. I am not sure you will see this but my doc gave me 500mg of ALA – is this the same as your 5mg and maybe why my circulation is all hell? I am being treated for candida, but I suspect mercury. I’ve stopped the ALA two days ago as I suspected it was causing issues.

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