Master Cleanse – Day 25 and time to stop.

keep-calm-and-man-up-7Day 24 – update

Sunday: Had a great day today. Took the train into London and went on an amphibious D-Day duck bus tour. Bright yellow buses that can also go on water. We cruised the river Thames! Coolio! Felix loved it. Also did the natural history museum. The huge automated T-Rex and massive blue whale they have in there are wonderful. I remember whale from my youth! Lovely day. Felix had baked potato with baked beans for Lunch. The burger from the Gourmet Burger Company was less healthy for dinner, but the only food I could find him in Kings Cross station.

The food was intoxicating.
I am starving hungry.
I want food.
I really want food.
I have pain between my shoulder blades too: more liver signals. But I can’t stop thinking about food. It started yesterday and has continued today. If this continues tomorrow, I will break the fast.

Day 25.

I am again hungry today. Hungry like a wolf. The desire for food is constant. The previous 24 days, if I drank the MC drink, all hunger would vanish. Today I drank my usual quota of 10-11 glasses of the MC drink and all I wanted to do was eat food.

This is my body saying enough is enough. Time to stop the fast. Sure I could continue. Sure I am strong enough to overcome these pangs, but … but that’s not how this works.
I must listen to my body.
I can hear it loud and clear.
Now is the time to stop.

I have lost a small, but significant amount of weight. I weighed in at 62kg this morning. Down 6kg in 25 days. 13 pounds that is. I feel skinny. Naked in the mirror before my morning shower I look skinny. My face is starting to look skinny. I look healthy, but no doubting it I am also skinny again.

So that’s it. I will end that fast tomorrow.

Pretty proud and amazed I managed 25 days with no food. Pretty awesome in fact. Imagine that? 25 days fasting. Wasn’t at all that difficult really. Considering the kind crap I am used to putting up with when I detox, this was easy. I would go so far as to say it was: very easy.

But, I have to say, my detoxing is not over. My tongue remains coated in fur. Every morning during the fast I awoke to fur. Some days it cleared up and I had a nice clean mouth. Some days the fur stayed 24/7. My shoulders hurt. Always a liver/gallbladder signal. My BM’s remain stinky. A clean body should not really have that kinda smell coming out of it. So, this will be my first Master Cleanse. 25 days on my first Master Cleanse is cool, but there will have to be more. I will fast another time and see if I can fast until my tongue goes clean for 24 hours. That is supposed to be the signal of cleanliness. I don’t care about the number of days. It was never a competition to do a certain number of days. It was a competition to see my tongue go clean. I have not accomplished that this time. But I got loads of toxins out, and for that I am extremely happy.

In a week or so I will do a full inventory of my problems and what the fast sorted out. At the beginning I listed out 20 problems to be sorted and I will go through them, one by one, and tell of whats better and whats not. But I can say my feet of 95pct better. Rash 95pct gone. Burning feet seem to be gone. Blocked sinus is gone. Energy? Not sure. It is better, and I don’t have that horrid out-of-breathe-walking-up-the-hill-thing. I need one hour less sleep at night. But I am still technically fasting at the moment, so I will do the full inventory once the fast is completely finished and I am eating normally again.

Returning to a normal diet will take some time. Orange juice and water are the only things I will drink tomorrow. OJ and some veggie broth on day two. OJ, broth and a light salad on day 3. I will take it real easy on the re-introduction of food. 25 days is a seriously long time and I need to chill, relax and ease back into my diet. I will go veggie and fruit only for the first week. No meat. I might have some raw cheese after day 5, but we will see how my body reacts to food over the next few days.

Day 26 – Breaking the fast: Day 1 – 10th September 2013

Holy $hit! What a horrible, horrible day! I am starving hungry. Hungry like a horse. Ravishing hungry. This is wildly intense! All I can think about is food, food, food.

Instructions on breaking the fast are: orange juice and water only on day one. No more lemon drink. I can’t believe all I have ingested today is orange juice. How can I survive on OJ only? This is mental. Amazing too, but mostly mental. Didn’t have the lax tea, nor the salt water flush either. I am gently switching my body back to solids but fuck me sideways, this is really hard.

For the past 25 days my stomach has been shut down. The lemon drink suppressed my hunger fantastically. But now, with the introduction of the the OJ, I have awakened a sleeping beast! All I can think of is food. I bought three new cook books today: A Gordon Ramsey, a Hugh Fearnley-Whitttingstall and Rick Stein’s new book: India. Looking at the pictures and reading the recipes was so mouth-watering it was painful. I had to put the books away after a while. No wonder people screw-up these fasts when they break them. The urge to eat food is unbelievable. I am having to literally hold back wild horse here. This is by far the most difficult part of the fast. Holy cow! This is incredible. The waking of the taste buds, restarting my digestion is so powerful. Today I fully understand and appreciate that my body has not had any solid food for 25 long days.

All morning I was super grumpy. Major swearing over miniature issues made my collegues laugh out loud. They urged me to pig-out with a large hamburger and drink 10 pints of larger. That’s not tempting in the slightest, but what is making my mouth water constantly is the thought of some seriously fresh, organic, flavoursome veggies. Roasted. With garlic. And spices. And rice. Oh I need fresh wholesome grub. I found this recipe with sausages, potatoes, thyme, parsnips and apple; all roasted in the oven. OMG.

How on earth am I to manage tomorrow? Day 2 of breaking the fast is: OJ, water, and some soup broth. Not proper soup, just the broth left over after boiling up veggies! And that broth is in the evening only. Another day in the office on OJ only. That’s gonne be a ’mare!

I have to say this is fairly unpleasant and I am not enjoying it at all. But it’s only a couple of days. I will just have to ‘man up’ and get on with it.

That’s all folks