The Mistakes We Make…

mistakesI’m the boss. When I get fresh-out-of-school trainees in my office, one of the first things I say to them is they are allowed to make as many mistakes as they like. Feel free to try loads of different things and not to be shy in getting anything wrong; it’s ok. Obviously try to avoid mistakes if they can, and certainly avoid any big ones, but it you do cock-up, ok then, it’s cool. It is fine to get things wrong. It’s part of life.

Why? Because when we get things wrong, we learn. We learn big time. We learn big lessons in life. Basically when we make mistakes; it’s one of the few times we are forced to sit up and, look, listen and learn.

“Oppps, better not do that again!”

The next thing I tell them is they are only allowed to the same mistake once! That I expect them to learn from their mistakes. If they cannot learn from their mistakes, if they keep on repeating the same old blunders again and again, then they must be retards and will quickly find life in the office difficult and most likely short. Such is life in the city!!

The same applies to our health. In our quest to be healthy we are forced to try heaps of different things to help our multiple problems. When we research an idea, it usually comes from someone who swears blind;

“This is the answer to everything. All your problems will vanish instantaneously, almost like magic. In fact, why haven’t you tried it yet? Are you are retard?”

So we sift through all the ideas, we try a few things.
Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.
Sometimes it’s a small mistake and it’s no big deal.
Sometimes it’s a biggie.
Sometimes the mistakes we make hurt hard.

And what we usually do is learn from our errors. I am big on this concept. I expect the people who work for me to learn from their mistakes. And I expect myself to learn from my own mistakes too.

Well, I have to admit I screwed up again. A biggie too. A proper cock-up. One that hurt. Not wildly hard, but hard enough to make the last 12 months pretty difficult. A repeated mistake no less. What a sin! And one I should have known better. What a retard I am. I of all people should have known better!

In my defence, there are plenty of reasons for the repeated mistake. Pain, fear and dread being fairly high up on the list. But we don’t get many second chances in life and it’s important to be honest with oneself: I made a repeated mistake, again.

What did I do?

I trusted my doctors, again.

What a dick!

Me? Trusting a doctor? What was I thinking? I can hardly believe myself. But yeah, I trusted a bunch of doctors and they led me astray. Again. Offfffff!
I am humiliated. What a complete fucking dick!
Ok, here are the gory details, I will keep ‘em brief:

July 2011 Chelation round damages me. I am tired and drained of energy; life gets difficult all over again. Temps are all low and I am clearly adrenal and thyroid fatigued. I start adrenal and thyroid support.

Jan 2012: All hell breaks loose and I have a major heart issue. Heart is stuck on bonkers, beating like a runaway train. This is mega serious and regular doctors are called in urgently. My general practitioner, my heart doctor, and a new specialist thyroid doctor all tell me it is my self medication of thyroid support that has caused all this hassle.

Feb-Dec 2012: Lots of herbal cleanses and a change in diet in 2012 sort out the heart problem. All doctors I see (except Dr P) say I have no thyroid problem.

Feb 2013 I re-start chelation. This again damages me and I restart thyroid investigations. Again I see another doctor, and again he says no thyroid problem. But from my temps and symptoms I can clearly tell my adrenals and thyroid are busted.

May-June 2013 I still have to figure out a correct treatment plan, but it is now blindingly obvious I have an adrenal and a thyroid problem.

So there we have it. What a dick. I did have a heart problem. In that the docs were correct, but they missed the thyroid and adrenal signals and put me off the scent so that I did not treat myself for those problems. I have to admit I was scared of the thyroid and adrenal pills because of the way they interacted with the heart issue…but still, I have had thyroid issues all along. The doctors distracted me from what I should have known was true. I had a heart problem, but I ALSO had a thyroid problem and an adrenal problem too.

What I should have done is started thyroid support last year. That way I could have been feeling better now. But such is life. At least I figured it out now. Most people go through life never understanding or being able to help themselves like I can.

I don’t blame the doctors. I blame myself. I am the Boss. My health is my responsibly. I should not have delegated it to others. Yet another lesson for me. I should trust myself. Most of the doctors out there don’t know there arse from their elbow.

That’s all folks!

PS.I re-started adrenal support today. 25mg Adrenal cortex extract. Wish me luck!!

Dear Sunshine…From Dr Peatfield

Following letter received from Dr Peatfield in reply to my letter of a couple of weeks ago. This is all to do with my thyroid and adrenal glands.

b_peatfield_largestDear Sunshine

Thank you for your letter, as we’ve said before, I am sure you have adrenal insufficiency, which comes and goes in the less organized times. If you are having thyroid support, and THEN have adrenal support, you’ll get all kinds of symptoms. You start with adrenals, after 2 to 3 weeks, add in thyroid support. If you do it the other way round, you run into big trouble. I don’t think your blood pressure or pulse can say anything about your adrenals.

Anyways, you’re on thyroid support and feeling better.

In answer to your questions:

1) Do I have thyroid fatigue?Well yes.

2) What are my adrenals doing? Sound a bit low to me.

3) What’s the burning feet thing? – Don’t know, likely a thyroid thing.

4) Adrenaline surges? Is that what I had? – It was. You should stop thyroid support before you have adrenal support.

5) What to do about these things? – Could do more tests.

6) I have read that calcium can interfere with the thyroid glandulars. Should I take the calcium at a different time? – Yes, take calcium at different times from thyroid.

7) Supplements? Anything else? B’s????? – B’s, Selenium, Tyrosine etc…

8) I swallow the Nutri-Thyroid pills. Should I take them sublingually? – I swallow mine.

9) How often do I raise the Nutri-Thyroid dose? Every 7-10 days? – Give it a bit longer between doses.

10) I guess no upper limit like last time. Just keep gradually raise until temps rise? – Raise until you feel better.

11) Should I switch to Armour at some point? Or just go with the Nutri-thyroid for now and see what happens? The reason I ask this is because in my experience both Nutri-thyroid and Armour take a LONG time to gradually raise the dose: 4-9 months each. I need to chelate my mercury out and for that I need strong thyroid support. Last time Armour was required for chelation as the glandular was not strong enough. – I take Armour.

All the best,

(Dr Peatfield to you!)

So there we have it: wise words for the main man on my thyroids and adrenals. Confirmed adrenal and thyroid fatigue, which I already knew, but great to have it confirmed by a professional. Now I gotta figure out how to support them both without getting those crazy adrenaline rushes.

In the mean time I tried thyroid support. Initially I felt better, but after 7 days things started going pear-shaped and I got a load of horrid symptoms. That means my adrenals are not strong enough to handle the thyroid support. It means I must support my adrenals first, before the thyroids. All of which I knew and know. And all of which I have tried before. Twice last year and twice this year. Each time adrenal support gave me a load of symptoms and side effects.

Frustrating eh! I can’t take thyroid support because my adrenals are too weak. And I can’t take adrenal support for some odd reason. I think the adrenal support is causing adrenaline rushes. I think I am getting the adrenaline rushes because the adrenal support hormones are causing the thyroid hormones to pool in my blood; which causes chaos. Or something like that.

I think the way around this problem is to dose the adrenal support differently. I think rather than starting on a low dose of adrenal cortex extract and building gradually up, I think I have to start dosage at a fairly high level. I think, but I’m not sure….for that I need Dr Peatfield again. So I am booked in for a telephone chat on Friday. Hopefully he will be able to shed some light on how to avoid the adrenaline rushes, and also how to handle them if and when they happen. Are they something to power through? Is that possible? Will the hassle last a few days then go away?? I don’t know…so I have to ask Dr P.

My Temp chart remains unchanged: unstable and low low low!

That’s all folks!