Round 66

Normal round, nothing to report out of the ordinary, except that on the 2nd day I took too much of my liver herbs. I’m doing a herbal liver cleanse at the moment. At the start I gradually raise the dose until I hit my limit. Today I hit that limit and it gave me a real blinder of a headache. Nothing would shift it. Light hurt my eyes. I needed darkness. I paused taking the herbs and the next day all was fine. I kept chelating and all was as per usual.

Second day after-round I got a crick in the neck. Ouch! Really hurt, but was mostly gone next day.

After round notes: I just realised recovery now takes three days. Not sure how many, but maybe the last 10-15 rounds have all taken approximately three days to recover from, rather than the usual two days. I get two days of minor hassles spread over three days. Usually the first day after is OK but the third can be problematic. Nothing serious, but more tired, odd aches and pains surface. I aware I am on the after-round come-down phase.

And another thing entirely different: my osteopath Katie and I figured out my dodgy right wrist. It’s been hurting on and off these last few months and I’ve no idea why. I can’t put much pressure on it. It has started to hinder my yoga. No downward dogs!

We figured out it’s my mouse from the PC in the office. It gets real heavy usage and it’s giving me repetitive strain injury (RSI). I need a little pad under my wrist to support it. Maybe change the mouse to a more ergonomic style too. And Katie said to try it left-handed too, to give the right a break and chance to recover. I tried left-handed mouse while typing up my journal and I felt like a spastic, but practice should make it easier!

The chelation charge continues.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 65

Third round in a month! Good work Danny boy! On a chelation charge! I feel completely normal again now I have re-introduced adrenal support. Happy dayz!

Day one I was in DO IT mode. I weeded the lawn! By hand! Yes, that’s very unusual. I was a bit pooped in the evening, but that’s cool. It’s nice to have a physical day spend mucking about in the garden.

Day two and all was fine. Ditto the third day. In all a great on-round round. Second day after the round I did feel 3 out of 10 for spaced and I had some odd hours where I zoned out in space-city. I had a little low back muscle weakness too. But by the third day everything was cool again. All that will not stop this chelation charge and I will be chelating the next week too.

No change seeing the colours this round.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 64

It’s April and spring is in the air! What a great colour green is! I’m not very good with green, always been one my most difficult colours to see. Green for me could be red, or brown, or green! So really it’s a nothing mish-mash of a colour for me.

I was on a Boris bike cycling around Tottenham Court road tube and the trees were just sprouting their fresh spring leaves. What an amazing sight to see such acid green colour dazzling me. A pleasure to behold. I guess people take these things for granted. I guess they seen it all a million times before. Looks amazing to me though J Makes chelation worth it when I get the colours sparkling and shinning at me. So odd how the colours come to me one or two at a time. Funny how it’s not everything getting clearer at the same time. Wonder what that means?

Went to Bath for the weekend. That’s on the west cost of England, near Wales.  Did the thermal spa. Lovely! In the evening I felt like a million bucks. Always agrees with me those hot springs.

Otherwise normal round. A little bit of heartburn at the end, but otherwise easy. I need to stay in the groove and keep chelating.

Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.

Round 63

In January I did my annual maintenance parasite cleanse from Humaworm. After 30 days of those herbs I was feeling pretty fine, so I decided to stop my adrenal support. Just to see what would happen. Did I no longer need it? Were my adrenal glands OK now?

Well, I had 6-7 weeks of cold’s and flu’s and generally feeling under-par. I had a couple of dodgy rounds too, so the result of that experiment is a FAIL! So two weeks ago I restarted my Adrenal Cortex Extract (ACE) supplements (Thorne brand) and immediately good health returned and I felt normal again, all within two days. Happy dayz!

So this round is the first round with Adrenal support back in place … and it was easy. This is how my rounds should be: easy easy. Just goes to show how important adrenal support is. Without that 100mg of ACE chelation was hard labour.

Rounds like this make chelation easy, repeatable and do-able for the long-term. Whilst on round I could not even tell I was on a round. I had a wild vivid dream too. These dreams are noticeable because I don’t usually dream. This was super-funky-3D-and-HD dreaming. Lovely.

Day 3 on round orange sparkled at me;-)

End-round detox bath was hot!

I wonder what a round of 6.25mg ALA would be like with my adrenals correctly supported? Oh well, time will tell. I have 300 of the 5mg ALA capsules to get through before I try again.

I did have a little trouble after the round with some redistribution on Day 1. Had a four-hour period with tiredness and brain fog. Not too bad, but not too good either. I was grumpy and miserable, questioning why I was doing chelation – but, as ever it passed, as it always passes. Was fine the second day after.


Schedule: 5mg ALA only, 3 days on round. Dosage taken every 2.5 hours, except at night which is every 3 hours.