Hi and welcome to my blog.

Today I officially declare my blog open! Hooray! The last 6 weeks have been busy setting up the website. And what a complicated process it was too! The ‘famous five minute WordPress install’ took me eight days, LOL! But I made it eventually and that’s what counts. However steep the learning curve, it was way easier than mercury poisoning, and way easier than writing a book!

Talking of books, today I am officially a published author! Ha! How cool is that! Never knew I had it in me. Available on Amazon now. Aine my editor sent me three copies of my book. They arrived today. I am looking at them now. Very satisfying to see them there, sitting on the side looking pristine, shiny and new.

I am very proud of the book. Proud to have finished a five year project. I have a huge smile on my face as I sit back and contemplate my task completed. Fancy that, I wrote a book! I hope people like it. I hope it helps. That’s what it’s for. To help people. To help them understand so they can help themselves.

This last month I spent typing up all my chelation rounds after The Mercury Diaries book finished. That’s rounds 57 to 74, all backdated here in the blog.

So here we are, live, right here and right now. And I’m not chelating. What a disappointment! But I will be chelating soon enough. Once I have sorted out this bug problem, done a few more herbs, I will be back to chelation. My chelation is inevitable. I know it’s the only long-term cure for me. The only thing that will really solve all these health hassles.

Re-reading and re-writing all the rounds reminds me of the joys of chelation. I don’t mean the tiredness, brain fog and hassle. No, I mean getting the colours back so that they sparkle at me. I mean my vision clearing and the world coming into crystal clear focus. I mean my ears hearing music so clearly it’s joyous. I mean my brain becoming clearer and sharper. So clear I somehow managed to build a website and write a book. Yeah the joys of chelation are pretty cool. Although they are a bind, the rewards of a life regained are awesome. Something to strive after. Something to shout out loud about.

Anyway, in my blog I will write-up each chelation round, explaining what happened: good, bad and the ugly. I have done 74 rounds so far. I guess I will have to do 200 rounds to get all my mercury out. I’m in this for the long term.

I will also be writing about all the herbal formulas I do that cleanse, strengthen and help rebuild my body. I may also add some of the funky stuff I do too. Maybe some of the energy work I try out. But, I will stick to the chelation and herbs for the time being. Just to keep things simple.

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Anyway, welcome, hi, hello, pleased to meet you.


Health update – 21st October 2012

My last chelation round was exactly one year ago. In that time I have not been well enough to chelate. If you have read my book The Mercury Diaries you will know why, but life has been extremely difficult this year. Right back to the bad old days. 2012 is yet another year in my life that I’d rather forget. Somehow I managed to keep working in my city job, but I had some gritty months as I battled away.

A heart problem this time, an irregular heart beat. Scary as hell too. I seriously thought I was going to die from it. Horrible horrible time. No way could I have chelated during this time of hardship.

I have not been sitting on my arse doing nothing. No, it’s been a busy year trying to get better. And it’s worked to a degree, I am about 60 percent better than I was, but I am far from my good old self. The parasites are back, this time in the form of candida, and it’s been hard figuring that out, and hard keeping those yeast at bay.

In the last year I have done the following: Humaworm (HW) candida cleanse, HW kidney cleanse, HW parasite cleanse, more kidney herbs, bowel herbs, heart herbs, more kidney herbs, more bowel cleaning herbs, colonics, another parasite cleanse, Essiac tea, candida herbs again, probiotic’s, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and more liver herbs. Most gave significant die-off problems so that I had to reduce and reduce the dose. Some sets of herbs had to be stopped completely because side effects were just too hard even for me to survive.

It has been a long difficult road. But I have made good progress even though I’m still not mended. There is another chap in my office with exactly the same heart condition as me. He has remains as sick as the day his health crashed; almost in the same week as me back in February 2012. So I have something to gauge myself against, and he is doing much worse than I am.

I did have lunch with him a couple of months ago, to compare notes and brainstorm ideas. I did try to explain some of the things I’ve done that have helped. But he is a Muggle and does not hear the words when I speak. His doctors are in charge of his health. He takes all the drugs his doctor gives him. He is significantly worse than I am.

This year I also saw lots of different healthcare providers and they didn’t really work out. Nice people and all, but they just provided what they thought was the problem…but they all got it wrong, (except, Alison the healing lady who was rock ‘n’ roll cool!)

I have gone back to basics now. Cleaned the bowels. I have been on those herbs five months so far. They have helped greatly. No one recommended that. Next I attacked the parasites. That was just painful, but the next set of herbs, the candida herbs hit the nail on the head and caused a significant upwards movement in my health. No one recommended them. I felt a millions miles better after those herbs. Yes, a million miles better. That’s where my book ended.

But it didn’t last long. I thought I’d cracked the problem and didn’t really understand how to tackle the candida problem fully. I was feeling GREAT after those herbs, and I assumed I was totally on the mend. But I went on a business trip to Geneva, I drank too many beers and the candida returned with a vengeance. But on the plus side…now I know what the problem is! Very important that. Very very important to know that Candida is what’s holding me back. Now I can focus candida.

I tried to clean the recently liver, managed 24 days, but the candida bounce-back needs addressing first. So I stopped the liver herbs 3 days ago. I must go back to the candida. That needs sorting before I can do liver or kidneys.

I tried the ‘Specific Carbohydrate Diet’, but the die-off is driving me wild and I really feel terrible at the moment. Tingley, buzzy, angry, a little glum and down in the dumps. I did the diet for 27 days. Zero cheats too. It helped. It sure did. I was able to get down to the gym and get some much needed exercise which felt wonderful. Not been down the gym for over a year. But something in the diet was disagreeing because the die-off never stopped. Just felt like I was annoying the little buggers. What I was doing was not enough to kill the candida, just enough to make ‘em mad and make my life hell.

So yesterday I changed diets. I am now doing the anti-candida diet as recommended on www.thecandidadiet.com It’s not difficult for me. I don’t find these diets difficult at all. I’ve had 6 years of diet practice, so it easy to switch to whatever’s needed. This switch just means I can now include brown rice in my diet, but must exclude all cheese, beans, lentils or anything with any sugar whatsoever. So no carrots, beets, honey, or fruit. All carbs are off the menu too, so no spuds or wheat, rye or anything. It goes without saying that all junk is long gone off my menu.

I only just stopped the liver herbs, so I will leave it a few days before starting the HW candida herbs. They worked a TREAT last time. Really really good, although it was hard coping with the mega die-off! Hopefully together with the special diet and some probiotic that will be enough this coming time.

After the candida herbs, in a months time, I will have to be ultra strict and stick on the diet for a few months before reintroducing any foods. I need to heal the gut. Diets are easy to do when you feel horrible, but when I’m feeling funky fine, it is trickier. I think I’m pretty good at learning from my mistakes, so I don’t anticipate a problem.

I have a business trip to India coming up and avoiding beer will be very challenging indeed. Christmas is coming too and I must do lots of business entertaining then. Lots of tricky things to avoid, but needs must.

Anyway, that’s about it, that’s where I’m at today. Terrible year, on the mend, two steps forward, but right now I’m having one step back because the die-off is driving me wild. Focus Candida!

Chelation will restart once I have got the candida under control, and after I have done some liver herbs, and after some kidney herbs. I need to do a full body round of herbs, cleaning each part of me, before chelation can re-start. So chelation will likely be a 2013 deal. Time will tell. Wish me well.

My health crashed in early 2007. Five and half years ago. It’s a long road. Bloody mercury.