Thiols: First Do No Harm.

THIOLFOODSInfoGraphicI’ve made an important discovery. I am sensitive to thiols. This might be a big deal. Well, it is a big deal whichever way you look at it, but it might be a BIG deal. Let me explain.

I was doing great up to about fourteen weeks ago, and then out of the blue any exercise became impossible. I just didn’t have the energy or drive. Also my dodgy knee was just not healing at all. Nine months that baby has been playing up without a glimmer of recovery. I went to see a few health practitioners and they all discovered something different wrong. One found my body was not recognising water: just passing on through. He corrected that and gave me some acupressure points to massage to make it stick. He also found my digestion doing funky things and gave me more acupressure points to massage. Someone else fine-tuned my supplements, a little more of this, a little less of that. Another chap found I was massively deficient in calcium. He advised a green juice as well as calcium supplements. All of this advice turned out to be correct and I definitely felt better. But something was still out of kilter because I felt drained.

Three weeks ago I got the flu, which is odd. I don’t get flu very often. And then the flu didn’t let up and I felt lousy for a second week too. I lead a very healthy lifestyle. Seriously I do. I eat lentils all the time. And beans, and chickpeas, and asparagus, broccoli, raw cheese, eggs, garlic, onions, kale, peas and loads of other healthy stuff too. When I get a cold or flu, it’s normally in and out within a week. I have not even had a cold in the nine months since I jacked the city job. As I said, I’ve being feeling fine. When the flu didn’t budge, I knew something was up.

I kept thinking I knew the answer, like I’d been here before and knew something. It was on the tip of my tongue, but nothing came. Can’t remember what made me check, but I thought to test the green juice I’d been drinking every morning for two months: spinach was the culprit. I muscle tested weak to it. Spinach? What’s wrong with spinach?

Well, I know exactly what’s wrong with spinach. Spinach is a sulphur food, a thiol. And mercury and thiols attract like lovers do. The thiols in the spinach pick up mercury from around the body. They don’t transport it out the body; they just pick it up and move it about. This, for those unaccustomed to mercury poisoning, is bad news. Some people are fine, some not so. Looks like I’m not anymore.

If I’m no good with spinach, then I’m no good with all the other thiols out there, lurking. Oh $hit! All the others! Fuck and buggeration! Since I left the city nine months ago I’ve been busy in the kitchen cooking up all manner of healthy treats. I have in fact been feeding myself a heavily-loaded thiol-high diet. Thiols for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spinach, lentils, beans, chickpeas, asparagus, broccoli, eggs, garlic, onions, kale, peas and loads of other healthy thiol stuff too. A large part of diet was not just thiol-laden, but high-thiol-laden foods.

What a dick! How could I forget? Well, I didn’t forget, I just got on with life. I have had very few man-sized symptoms these last three years. I essentially lead a normal life now and have done for ages. I know the mercury is still there, but it doesn’t knock too hard, too often.

So I immediately shifted to a thiol free diet. After a week free of thiol foods, a person then adds some thiol food back in to the diet to see what happens. Do they feel better, worse, indifferent, whatever. I didn’t need to do that because after a week I felt fantastic, the flu had disappeared completely and amazingly my dodgy knee suddenly started healing for the first time in nine long fruitless months. It was as clear as day: thiols had been buggering me up for ages.

Unfortunately this story does not end here. Never a dull moment!

A few days later I starting feeling crappy and my pulse started racing wildly. I took my blood pressure (BP) and discovered it was through the roof: 185/115. Boom! It should be maximum 120/80.

Gotta love the mercury, so inventive, so many angles that need covering. Ho Hum. Certainly keeps me on my toes.

185/115 is called hypertension. This is super bad news. It’s serious. Heart attack. Stoke. Kidney disease. Proper serious. Not to be taken lightly in any shape or form. I exhibit no outward hypertension symptoms. I am not stressed out of my mind and I’m not a worrier either. Day to day I am chilled, calm and loving life out here in the countryside, thank you very much. This hypertension has been brought on by my high-thiol diet, not a stressed out life. The high-thiol diet has been picking up my mercury, moving it around, and fucking things up. Big time. I have deranged mineral transport too, because of the mercury poisoning and my body does not like this added burden of the thiols in my diet further smashing things up. Hence the high blood pressure. Hence the calcium deficiency. Hence the lack of energy.

Heart attack!

Actually, I’m not panicking at all. Quite the contrary: I remain relaxed, calm and lovin’ the country life. I’m not freaking out because I have been here, done this before, read all the books and I know exactly what to do. And that does not involve going to see the Quack and having beta-blockers rammed down my gullet. No thank you. I will not be darkening their doors. Actually I feel mildly chuffed because I know what to do. That’s the only benefit of having had heart problems in the past! I panicked last time, big time. But this time around, as I said, been here before, so no need to get all stressy.

Let’s think about my situation in a wider context here. The high thiol diet has tipped me over my thiol limit, my body has reacted, and my blood pressure has rocketed. How longs this been going on? I have not worried about thiols for ages. How long? Not sure, maybe five or six years? I got better. I recovered. I got on with life. So I ate thiols again. But the last nine months I cooked a load of super-healthy food, which turned out to be high-thiol. Maybe this is my problem? Maybe this is why I am a low doser? I’ve done 84 rounds and I remain at super-low dosages. My last three chelation rounds of DMPS, which were fine, they were only at 2.5mg. That’s very low. Maybe the thiols in my diet have been perpetually messing with the mercury so that my body never got a moment to chillax from the constant mercury movements? Nine years I’ve been at this game. Maybe it’s the thiol diet thang that’s holding me back?

Maybe? Who knows? Certainly I will not get a quick answer to that question. But it’s something to think about, and to hope for. Would be awesome to finally be able to increase my dosage and speed my mercury removal. I have wondered long and hard about my inability to raise my dose. Maybe, just maybe this is it? Or a part of it? Time will tell.

Which brings me back to the title of this piece: Thiols: First do no harm. We cannot get better when we are harming ourselves, or we have something harming us. I lead a dreamy-healthy lifestyle and still I make cock-ups and the mistakes can cancel out the good we do. We need to remain vigilant at all times, to try and stop any damage we unwittingly do to ourselves. I can do all the blood pressure lowering techniques in the book, including beta blockers, but until I stop the causative harm in the first place, I’ll just be pissing into the wind. I’m pretty happy I’ve figured this out. Feels right. The healing of my knee is a clear indicator.

I think that’s the most important thing to remember. First, do no harm. Us mercury toxic, we are generally on our own. We have to read, research and DIY our health. Just as you are by reading this. I’ve seen various healthcare practitioners over the last 10 years and not one of them ever mentioned thiols. Ever. Not even once. Not recently. Not in the past. It’s a mercury thing. We gotta stay alert.

I have had odd things happen that have confused me, but now are crystal clear: Turmeric is great at raising thiols levels, no wonder it didn’t agree. I have a liquid supplement full of spinach and kale; no wonder it didn’t agree – high thiols. Little clues.

Technically this is all ‘in-protocol’. In my protocol anyways. My protocol is 1) restart chelation, and 2) use the Master Cleanse to sort out any problems along the way. This can certainly be classed as a fairly grim problem, so that’s what I’m doing next: The Master Cleanse, again.

I started immediately, today is day five. My nine-months-dodgy-knee is healing incredibly fast now I’m thiol free, and I feel great too – when I’m not suffering from the master cleanses detox reactions, LOL. Which sounds funny, but that’s how these things roll. First three days are usually a bit ropey, especially since I have nine months of a high-thiol-mercury-moving-damage-to-the-gut to overcome.

That’s enough for now. I will let you know the outcome of the fast and what it does to my blood pressure.

That’s all folks!

Why Chelate? Time to get back on my horse: Chelation. My first round of DMPS.

horsefallPlan A: Cutler style chelation, interspersed with Master Cleanse to sort any problems out.
Plan B: Muck around with herbs again and delay the inevitable chelation.

This is now The Plan. I’ve been doing Plan B for ages and it’s worked splendidly. It’s sorted out all major problems, except getting the mercury out. Now it’s time to get back to the main event: Mercury Detox baby!

Firstly: IMPORTANT DISCOVERY; Miranda the new muscle testing lady has failed in her job of protecting me. She advised me to stop my calcium supplements because they ‘did something funny to me’. I saw the original Muscle Tester Dude last week and he found out I was severely calcium deficient: Ummm! And this is the reason for my hot feet, tired legs, hurting bones, dodgy neck and the dodgy ear. Great eh! It’s a jungle out there, make no mistake about that. I pumped up my calcium supplements and things are returning back to normality. Miranda is now the ex-muscle tester lady. The Muscle Tester Dude is the chap who’s been helping me since the start of all this mercury madness. He is back after moving to Australia for a few years.

With me, it usually comes down to some deficiency that causes me problems. That’ll be the Deranged Mineral Transport, as caused by my mercury poisoning. Which brings me right back to where I started and where I need to go. The circle of life. I need to get the mercury out. I need to finish the job. That means more chelation.

So my chelation re-starts here and now. Job is jacked six months ago. No more alarms at 445am to get up for work. No more staggering home at 8pm knackered. Today life is relaxed, calm and beautiful. I just completed a long 100 day herbal kidney cleanse. My Supplements have been reviewed and I’m ready to roll: B12, B complex, Vit E, Calcium, Magnesium, Ginger, Olive leaf, Zinc and Milk Thistle.

There is always something wrong, little stuff I mean, nothing life threatening, but annoyances that irritate. They come and they go, just as the seasons roll on by. Recent irritations have been sorted by The Muscle Tester Dude. I know chelation is the only route. No excuses now. Funnily enough I just re-read my own book The Mercury Diaries to motivate and encourage myself. I’ve not read it since I published it in 2012. It worked too: reminded me of what a nightmare I’ve had. Reminded me I don’t want to go back there. Reminded me I need to chelate. I knew all that of course, but it’s good to have some up-close and personal memories shoved down my throat. I knew I’d need some reminding along the way, LOL. Another reason I write a journal about all the stuff I do. Post-it notes from my past to my future.

Anyways, I’m gonna ramble around here a little, so forgive my meandering style today. My chelation is changing too. I am going to give DMPS a trial. Back in the day when I started my chelation journey in 2007 I could not get DMPS because it was proscription only. But it’s available now. Thanks, great job chaps! (Dean, is that still you?) DMPS is supposed to make chelation easier, so I’m giving that a bash to see how it pans out. Anything that makes ALA chelation easier is like a morning blow job: fucking great!

I’ll do a few rounds of DMPS, and then I’ll add in the all-important ALA once I’ve figured out my DMPS dosage.

Round 82: 7th March 2016
Moving to DMPS only, 2.5mgs every 6 hours, three days on. (Note: my last rounds have been 4mg ALA only)

Day 1: A right pain in my neck has arrived straight away. My right ear has also closed up and become infected; again. Otherwise everything else is fine. And I’m happy with fine thanks very much. No brain fog. No headaches. No pain. No rage or anger, sadness, loneliness, nor any solitude required either. But my cricked neck hurts and my right ear is deaf.


Looking at my notes from my last round, which was over a year ago, (OMG! Where does the time go!), (Actually my last round was 455 days ago. Gulp!), it was the ear thing that stopped chelation in its tracks back then as well. Work was impossible with the ear out of action. I couldn’t hear $hit, so I stopped chelation. Simple. Work was insanely busy and too full-on. Chelation and too-full-on became too-difficult to manage, even for me. Something had to give and so chelation stopped, until I told myself ‘I had enough time’.

Well now, today, right here and right now, I have nothing to stop my chelation. No work, no stress, no nothing to get my knickers in a twist about whatsoever. No excuses. I am now available for chelation. And I really do need to finish the job too. If I delay things much longer, there is a chance I will give up. And if I give up I know for a fact I will regret it gigantically as I lie on my deathbed wishing I’d had the balls to pull my finger out. Well, I pulled my finger out and here I am, ready or not, here I come.

Anyways, I’m mid round and day one is a dodgy neck and a throbbing ear, which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal. But I do want to set out the why of why I am chelating. This is an important question. Why chelate? I’m not very ill at all. Why re-start my chelation? It’s actually an easy question to answer, but I want to get it down on paper so I have on record the why. This is me self-motivating myself. This is how I roll. You are reading it simply because, why not!

I’m going to cut this out and stick on my bathroom door to remind myself of the task ahead:

Sunshine: Why I am chelating?

  • To finish the job.
  • To get all the mercury out.
  • If I don’t chelate the mercury out now, when I’m young, keen, fit and eager; then I’ll have to do it when I’m old, crumbly, grumpy and sick. (Yes, 46 is young!)
  • I have a ways to go to complete my chelation job. I’m a low doser and my chelation is going to take some time. I guestimate 200 rounds, so I’d better get the show back on the road.
  • Chelation is easy. I know all the rules and I’m super experienced. Anything I don’t know, I know more than enough people to ask the right questions.
  • Any problems thrown my way during the chelation run will be solvable. Cutler style is low-dose and consequently low-problem-ed. I solved everything else anyways, so I’m sure I’ll manage just fine. I have the time and space to sort them out too. Hooray! Before my career was taking over my world. Now I have reclaimed my world and I am free to do as I choose, when I choose, and I choose life, I choose chelation.
  • Chelation rule: Absolute minimum one round per month. Minimum twelve rounds in a year. Please.
  • There will be good days and bad days. I know that, so I will roll with the punches.
  • I’m better OK. Most mercury toxic people would consider my minor health issues fantastic gifts from the Gods compared the head-shrinking, mind-numbing, bone-crunching rubbish they have to put up with. They’d swap in a heartbeat. What’s wrong with me: Hot feet, getting up at night to pee once, stiff neck, dodgy ear and I get exercise headaches. It’s all fairly minor crap. But, although they are minor, they are still there. And they fluctuate. They change. Although I’ve been quiet on my blog, I’m always busy doing funky things to get them to go away. I still do a lot of herbal cleanses. My suite of ‘issues’ will always remain whilst I have my mercury nesting inside me, so it needs to come out.
  • Sometimes those minor problems turn into massive nightmares too. Just like when I had the heart problem. Mega bloody nightmare that turned out to be. I sorted it out just fine eventually (with the Master Cleanses). But that took three years. Yup, three long years when I could not chelate regularly.
  • Because I know, deep down, deep inside know, that I need to chelate. Mercury bites every day, all the time. I have learnt an incredible amount in the nine years since 2007 when my health nose-dived when I had unsafe amalgam removal. Alternative health: check. Mercury poisoning: check. Heart health: check. Diet: check. Health freak: check!
  • “It sounds a lot to take on, but really the moment I pop the first pill I never look back. In all honestly that’s the only tough bit. The first pill. Get over that, you’ve nailed your chelation-block – which becomes chelation-momentum: BOOM!” Tim Gray. Ha, you da Man!
  • Every round counts. Every single molecule of mercury I drag out can never hurt me again.

Round 82: Day 2 – 8th March 2016
My dodgy ear has reduced down to normality. Winning!
My dodgy neck is calming down, but it still hurts. Cool-ish, but would be best if it just went away completely: hint, hint MOFO!

Chelation is good with DMPS. I likee so far. I’m feeling fine day two. Pretty fine Indeed. Music is on LOUD, pumping, and I’m busy. Planning trips to the theatre. Cleaned two of my pairs of trainers (very unusual!) Wrote these words. Made some polenta to go with my Ottolenghi style lentils for lunch. With the left over polenta I’ll make polenta chips tomorrow. Grilled with cumin and fennel: epic. Planned dinner tonight too: Sausage, mash with a tomato and onion gravy, Nigel Slater style. Veggie stock is on the stove and bubbling away for the gravy. Yes, I still live the healthy lifestyle I learnt about. Mostly anyways.

Can’t really ask for anything other than that during chelation: Feeling fine and symptoms reducing. Get in!

Round 82 – Day 3
Today the dodgy neck has all but vanished. If I was a religious man it would be a miracle! Angels would be circling and Hallelujah’s raining down. Amazing eh! The joys of chelation. What? Why? How? I can only guess it’s some muscle weakness shenanigans going down.

Ears: Today it’s like I’m on an aeroplane and my ears can’t pop. Sinusy. Kinda annoying. Kinda half deaf. Again the joys of chelation, but I’ve had a dodgy ear on and off for a couple of years, so what to do. Chelation has made it flair up again, but who knows what’ll happen in the morning! Only other chelation experience was an itchy torso. Odd but minor.

Otherwise: Had my nose was firmly lodged in a book all morning: Sci-Fi. Went to the garden centre to look at some paving slabs for the new house. Had lunch with the Wife. Went to the cinema to see The Big Short. Cracking film if you like films about mega financial Armageddon: which I do. Bought some vinegar. Picked the kids up from school. Ate supper. Read some more. Read to my son at bedtime: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Had an Epsom salts bath with a pint of apple cider vinegar. 30 minutes followed by a cold shower. The Epsom salts bath is what I do at the end of every chelation round. Totally helps minimise the final redistribution event at the end. The apple cider vinegar is for the itching. Yup, the apple cider vinegar is epic for all skin complaints. Bathing in the stuff is weird, I admit, but it works and costs peanuts.

Only other point worth mentioning is after the round finished, I zoned out a bit, got a bit chilly too. But its winter and people do zone out from time to time. That’s allowed and is classed as normal. Mostly.

I have to say; so far this has been a dreamy, fun and lovely chelation round. More of these please.

Next: Let’s see if I get any post-round funkiness!

Day 1 post-round
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUNAAAAJDJlNTJkOGJkLTBlN2UtNDZiMy1iMjNkLWRiNzNmZTg1OWRjYQI awoke with a headache and I knew it was gonna be a tough day. I was tired and irritable all morning and needed to be on me ownsome. Nothing wildly bad, but certainly confirmation, as if I needed any, that mercury is my thang. Even with small doses of only 2.5mg DMPS and it’s still giving me grief. This is my 82nd round! Ho hum. As a general rule, this is how chelation is with me: I’m fine on round, but after the round finishes it gets a bit pikey. At least I didn’t have to work and could just do my own thing. Was a beautiful spring day today so I washed both cars. Perfect: keeps my body and my mind occupied, its outside and the fresh air and sun always make me feel alive. But by the time I’d polished off my grilled polenta chips and lentil lunch I had a crushing headache. Like a tight metal band around my forehead. Popped a couple of bombs, which I don’t like doing (paracetamol). But they worked and the rest of the day was fine. Went to football training with my 7 year old son and chatted all evening with the dads. Then came home to watch my team, Spurs, get crushed 3-0. Gutted. But, as ever, the bad things pass, as they always pass. And honestly this was not bad. Annoying yes, but this was easily manageable. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Day 2 Post-round – 11th March 2016
Feeling fine this morning. Singing in the shower. I am the life and soul of my body and mind. Although there is a headache in the back on my mind trying to sneak out. Maybe today will be some good and some bad? Time will tell, but it’s started well.

I’ve had chelation breaks before and when I re-start chelation it always takes me three rounds to get back in the groove. Traditionally the first round is good and bad, the second is unpleasant, and by the third things have settled down.

Time to see what my adrenals and thyroid glands are doing. Took my temperatures yesterday and today, Dr Rind style: average of three readings with my mercury free thermometer. They were perfect: 36.8 and 36.7 deg C. Get in! That’s normal. That’s normal for me. I am normal! That’ll be the Master Cleanses. Winning! Actually that’s Bi-Winning!

So let’s review this first DMPS round: Three days on-round was fine, one of which I felt pretty good: better than usual. Post-round I had 10 hours feeling horrid. These are the costs of chelation: ten hours feeling $hitty. This is life. It’s annoying, but I didn’t ask for my mercury poisoning. Chelation is just the route back to a longer, healthier life. I can handle a day or two here and there feeling ropey if the outcome is no health problems and a long life. I like DMPS and I’ll be doing more of these.

That’s the plan anyways. It’s nice to be back on my horse.

That’s all folks!

Film Review: Evidence of Harm

Evidence_of_Harm_1080‘Evidence of Harm’ is a film about amalgam fillings and the appalling damage the mercury in those fillings causes people. It tells the story of the mercury poisoned people, the specialists fighting desperately to stop the use of amalgam and the dentists that do the drilling: some of the dentists believe amalgams are harmful, and some don’t. It delves deep into the politics of mercury with the American Dental Association (ADA) under the spotlight, and highlights some of the history from the early mercury days in the 1800’s to put things into perspective.

Research from the last few decades is reviewed and gives an up to date picture of where we are today in terms of the 50 percent mercury content of amalgam fillings. An astonishing number of people still receive amalgams even today in 2016. Many dentists, scientists, courts and official spokes-people are interviewed and give their views. It quickly becomes clear there is a mountain of evidence that supports what every normal, rational, unbiased person can understand: putting mercury in your mouth, close to your brain, is an incredibly dangerous thing to do, and yet somehow dentists across the world still continue to use amalgams to fill teeth.

Evidence of Harm amalgamates (sorry!) all that information into one film to give a clear picture of where we are currently; at the crossroads of hell for the official organisations that continue to wrongly approve the use of mercury in their businesses. They are teetering on the brink of the precipice. It’s blindingly obvious that mercury causes major health issues in the human body, and yet the dental authorities continue to deny everything; ‘Nothing to do with us Gov’!

One day a tipping point will arrive and the weight of opinion will tip and everyone will suddenly wake-up and see the emperor’s new clothes, or the lack of, and declare amalgams toxic. Then the law suits will rain down on those organisations and they will be crushed under the barrage of pain they inflicted on their unsuspecting customers; exactly same as the billions of dollars the tobacco industry has had to pay out. The difference between mercury and tobacco is that no one is addicted to mercury.

The film takes a giant step in the direction of the majority finally waking up asking why has this been going on for so long, when all the evidence of harm has been there in front of us for so long. The witch hunt will be deeply painful for everyone on the dark side of the mercury. That time will come, but alas not yet. But it is a good healthy step in that direction.

The film is well thought out and attempts to give the other side some air time too. I particularly liked the ‘no-problem-with-mercury’ dentist who blandly brushed aside the arguments and undeniably made himself look a complete fool: head firmly implanted in the sand, fingers shoved deep in his ears, unable and unwilling to see the wood, for all the trees. It takes a long time for people to relinquish such ingrained beliefs. As the decades roll by, the ‘radical’ knowledge that mercury causes large scale health issue for humans will eventually become common knowledge, but until then, films like this must continue to be produced and spread the word. Every person that learns amalgams are dangerous and then avoids them, is a person saved the considerable hassle of a shorter and more miserable life.

As a veteran to mercury poisoning myself it was excellent to see the smoking tooth videos which paint a vivid picture of the problem. I thought the mercury vapour experiment was epic and I salute the producers for bringing the scientific problem down to a comfortable, relatable level that even the common man can see in such dramatic supermarket style. Deny that!

I have to admit I winced every time a clip of a tooth being drilled was shown. I swore at the screen when the mercury toxic people told their stories of doctors incompetence, but welled-up when husband and wife told of the support they gave each other in their hours of considerable need.

My only problem was with the subject of intravenous (IV) chelation. In the films defence, they did say it does not agree with everyone, but still, it is common knowledge injecting people with massive quantities of drugs to detox mercury is extremely dangerous and certainly doesn’t agree with everyone. It was disappointing not to see Dr Andrew Cutler included to explain his protocol too, but this is not a film about how to rid the body of mercury; it’s a film about our world where for some strange reason mercury is still placed in people’s mouths. The alternatives to amalgams are already in every dental practice already: white composite fillings and they have zero mercury content.

It does a splendid job of explaining the situation, educating those just learning about this subject, and for that I’d give the film a solid five gold stars and some triple A* too! Now, when people discover they might have a mercury problem, here is an intelligent, well made film that asks difficult questions to the authorities, for which they have nothing, absolutely nothing except bland denial, to mask the ongoing deception. I look forward to the day when we are not alone in seeing the emperors clothes are missing.

Review by Daniel Forsyth, author of ‘The Mercury Diaries’.